• An opening example, article or journal excerpt to frame the issues in the chapter and pique student interest
  • Chapter summaries that confirm key issues from each chapter
  • Chapter-end questions that provoke discussion and critical thinking
  • News articles and journal excerpts are used throughout to frame the issues in each chapter.
  • Case studies and practical examples illustrate key arguments and apply the theory to the real world.


  • Class-tested  slides
  • Solution to exercises
  • An Instructor Resource Centre including a complete set of slides slides

On-line chapters

  • The latest developments in the European sovereign debt crisis
  • The latest developments in financial regulations
  • The most likely challenges facing the global financial system going forward

These chapters are updated regularly as merited by current developments.

Table of Contents of the printed book

Chapter 1: Systemic Risk

Chapter 2: The Great Depression 1929–1933

Chapter 3: Endogenous Risk

Chapter 4: Liquidity

Chapter 5: The Central Bank

Chapter 6: The Asian Crisis of 1997–1998

Chapter 7: Banking Crises

Chapter 8: Bank Runs and Deposit Insurance

Chapter 9: Trading and Speculation

Chapter 10: Credit markets

Chapter 11: Currency Markets

Chapter 12: Currency Crisis Models

Chapter 13: Financial Regulations

Chapter 14: Bailouts

Chapter 15: Dangerous Financial instruments

Chapter 16: Failures in Risk Management and Regulations

Chapter 17: The ongoing crisis: 2007–2009 phase

Chapter 18: Ongoing Developments in Financial Regulation

Chapter 19: Sovereign Debt Crises



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